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In 20 years’ time Loveland has grown from a small Queensday party in 1995 to some 85.000 visitors and 150 artists a year in 2015. What kept us going through good times and bad was our love for good music. Launching a record label seems like a logical next step and gives us the opportunity to properly support the artists we love.


180x180 LLR106-DIGITAAL

LLR106: Petar Dundov – Falling In EP

Artists: Petar Dundov

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180x180 LLR105-DIGITAAL

LLR105: Matador – Loveland Festival 2016 EP

Artists: Matador

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LLR104: Sébastien Léger – Oracle EP

Artists: Sébastien Léger | Arjuna Schiks

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LLR103: Karim Sahraoui – Sacred Kingdom EP

Artists: Karim Sahraoui | Vince Watson

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LR102 - DEF - B

LLR102 – Ian O’Donovan – Vortex EP

Artist: Ian O’Donovan

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LLR101 Square

LLR101 – Loveland 20 Year Anniversary Collection

Artists: Anthony Rother | Aril Brikha | Arjuna Schiks | Egbert | Dosem | Mathew Jonson | Vince Watson

Part 1

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Part 2

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