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3-Night Anniversary Pack

3-Night Anniversary Pack

Loveland Festival | 25YRS
August 13 & 14 2022

50% deposit on your hotel package

We are confident we’ll be back on the dancefloor this August, but there’s always the slim chance of government regulations forcing us otherwise.

Since we understand these are difficult times for many, we would like to think along and only ask for a 50% deposit on tickets for Loveland Festival

After your 50% deposit, there are two options:
✔︎ After we get the final green light for Loveland Festival, you pay the other half of your ticket*

If somehow, government regulations force us to cancel Loveland Festival, you will receive your deposit (ex. fee) back in full within 2 weeks

*Deposit will not be refunded if the festival does take place, for details check our terms and conditions