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Loveland Van Oranje Festival
Kingsday – April 27th 2024


Radioweg 64

1098 NJ Amsterdam

(follow the signs from there)

Meerpark saw multiple Loveland van Oranje editions on its green fields and the event is – again – returning to this spacious festival location. We are thankful for being located close to the Amsterdam city centre, the Amsterdam Kingsday-vibes will easily be felt!

Route & Info

By public transport

Travel prepared

Since Amsterdam Science park is closed during Kingsday, the shuttle bus is the fastest way to get to Loveland van Oranje when traveling from outside of Amsterdam.

Plan your journey in advance through the NS Reisplanner or the NS app and buy your ticket online to avoid staying in line at the ticket machines. Make sure you check the time of your latest public transport option. Please check the digital screens on the platforms for accurate information.

Make sure you have enough credit on OV-chipcard, don’t forget your trip back.

Good to know
  • Railway station Science Park is closed during Kingsday, so travel via Amsterdam Amstel.
  • From Friday April 26th 19:00 until Sunday April 28th 07:00 it is prohibited to consume alcohol in trains and railway stations.
  • If you got an E-ticket, don’t forget to check in and out at the gates with a barcode-reader. This also applies for mobile tickets.
  • Luggage lockers may not be available in some railway stations during Kingsnight and Kingsday. This will be the case for railway stations near bigger events such as Amsterdam Amstel and Amsterdam Central Station.
  • Be aware that there will be a large number of travellers taking public transportation on Kingsday, therefore your travel times might increase.
  • Stay informed by looking at info screens, listen to public service announcements
Travel advice from different directions

From the direction of:

  • Amersfoort and further: the fastest way to travel to Loveland van Oranje is via Utrecht Centraal. Take the train to Amsterdam Amstel from there.
  • Weesp, Lelystad: travel to station Duivendrecht and take the metro to Amsterdam Amstel from there. Make sure you have a valid ticket for the metro as well.
  • Haarlem, Zaandam and further: travel to Amsterdam Centraal and take one of the trains to Amsterdam Amstel from there.

From other directions: Check the NS Reisplanner

All other ways of travelling

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By Shuttle bus

To make the trip easier we’ve arranged a shuttle bus service to our event. The shuttle bus will stop near the entrance of Loveland van Oranje. From there it’s just a 5 minute walk to the venue.

Grab your shuttle bus return ticket here

  • Departure station: Amsterdam Amstel
  • Shuttle bus ticket price: €5,- 
  • These are return tickets, valid to get to and back from Loveland van Oranje
  • The shuttle buses operate between 10:00 H and 21:30 H
  • Between peak hours the shuttle bus will leave every 15 minutes. After the peak it leaves twice an hour.
By bike / walking

We encourage travelling by bike and by foot. Due to the vulnerability of the beautiful Amsterdam environment we are a real encourager of traveling by bike. Think sustainable and take the bike! We provide more than enough room to park your bike. To reach Loveland van Oranje, please follow the signs. Navigation address: Radioweg 64

By car / Kiss and Ride / Uber

We strongly advice not to come by car. During Kingsday lot of roads are blocked and there will be heavy traffic. Also parking availability is less to none.

Besides that we are working towards a more sustainable festival so we encourage and recommend traveling by shuttle bus or bicycle. With either option, you will arrive right in front of the entrance.

If however you do decide to come by car or to drop somebody of, take exit S113. Navigation address: Science Park 904, 1098 XH Amsterdam and follow the festival signs. You can park on P7. This is a public parking area. Take in account a 10 to 15 minutes walk

By Taxi

The taxi stand is located at the Carolina MacGillavrylaan.

Only taxis with an official taxi sign on their roof will be allowed access to the taxi stand. Please follow the Kiss & Ride signs for all other means of transportation.

By touring car

Are you arriving by touringcar? Make sure to register here
You will receive travel information regarding arrival and departure times prior to the event.