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Loveland Festival
August 11th & 12th

Opening hours

Saturday August 11th from 11:00 till 23:00 Sunday August 12th from 13:00 till 23:00


Loveland Festival is an 18+ event. ID will be checked without exception, so don’t forget to bring your drivers license, ID card or passport.


There are Saturday tickets and weekend tickets available. A weekend ticket includes entrance for two days of Loveland Festival. If you purchase a weekend ticket, you're welcome to visit the event on both Saturday and Sunday.

Day tickets

When you buy a day ticket you will receive one ticket. This ticket will be scanned at the entrance. You'll receive your ticket per e-mail. The e-ticket can be scanned from your phone, but make sure you download it upfront, have your batteries loaded and turn your screen brightness fully up at the entrance to ensure a steady flow going in. Then, it's time to put your phone off and start dancing.

Share a weekend ticket

No, a weekend ticket is only valid for one person/visitors.

Weekend ticket

You will receive a ticket for both Saturday and Sunday. The Weekend ticket will be scanned at the special 'weekend' entrance where you will receive a wristband. On the Sunday you can ONLY enter the venue with your Weekend ticket in combination with your wristband.


You can resell your weekend tickets as one. But not partially for one day. It is not possible to go to the event on Saturday and sell your ticket for the Sunday.

Personal tickets

After the purchase of your ticket you will receive an e-mail with the question to fill in personal information from every individual ticket owner. When the data is filled in, your tickets will be send to your e-mail account.


Lockers will be present at the festival terrain to safely stow away any belongings, to avoid cues you can buy your locker in advance at the same time you buy your regular ticket. If you forgot any items after leaving the festival, please visit for more information.


Make sure you bring some cash money with you. Payment by debit card is limited.

Lost & Found

If you lose or find something, you can go to the counter where the lockers are being sold. Everything will be collected there. After the event you can contact the organization on [email protected] to check if we found your properties.

Sun Protection

It is allowed to bring sunscreen but only in a small bottle and without spray head.

Please be warned

Loveland Festival is popular amongst pickpockets, keep an eye on your belongings!


Loveland Festival strives for a sustainable organization. We all know the state of the world we live in and like you we also know that each and every one can make a difference in their own way. For some time we have been changing our tracks after every event and work consistent with the Barometer Sustainable Events (an eco label that helps events create awareness to their approach on environmental issues) to look for the best ways to increase our sustainability.