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Loveland Festival | 25YRS
August 7 & 8, 2021

All the latest news about the Coronavirus – LAST UPDATE: 8 MAY 2020

Is Loveland Festival | 25YRS cancelled due to the coronavirus?

Unfortunately, the ban on all events until September 1st by the Dutch government makes it impossible for us to go ahead with Loveland Festival as planned.

However, there is a much-needed silver lining in these sad times. Our team has been working round the clock and we are more than delighted to announce the return of Loveland Festival (August 7th and 8th) and the Loveland Pool Party (August 6th) in 2021 with the same lineup!

All Loveland Festival & Pool Party ticket buyers, Loveland Card holders and Loveland Hotel guests can expect an email from us with info on the next steps on May 8th.

How do I apply for a refund?

Your ticket will automatically be converted for Loveland Festival 2021. By holding on to your ticket you are helping the entire industry to get through the next few months a great deal. Every year a lot of freelancers are depended on the festival season. Many suffer the consequences of expenses already made. But we can stand tall together.

Your support will also make sure that, together with all parties involved, we can create the most wonderful festival experiences for all of our visitors after this crisis is over.

So if you want to join us on the dancefloor next year with your love for music, you don’t have to do a single thing, your ticket is valid for next year’s edition.

If by any chance you are unable to join us next summer,  you will be able to apply for a ticket refund for which all ticket holders will receive a mail on
May 8th.

This goes for all tickets bought through our official channels including Ticketswap.

I bought a Loveland Hotel package or a Loveland Pool Party ticket. What happens now?

You can decide to keep your Loveland Hotel package or Loveland Pool Party ticket for next year’s edition.
In case you cannot make it, you can apply for a refund. All the hotel package owners and ticket holders will receive an email with the steps to follow on May 8th.

What if I bought my ticket through Ticketswap, Resident Advisor, Festicket Partybussen or Appic?

All tickets bought through our official ticket partners Resident Advisor, Festicket, Appic and Partybussen will be refunded. You will receive an email on May 8th where you’ll have the option to apply for a refund or keep your ticket and party with us at Loveland Festival 2021 next summer.

I didn’t buy a ticket through your official partners mentioned above, can I still get a refund?

We can’t guarantee a refund for tickets bought through any other third-party reseller and non-official partners. Please make sure to always buy your tickets through our official channels. You could try to get in contact with the reseller and/or with the person that has sold you the ticket if you bought it through a third-party reseller, as he/she will receive an email with information regarding the current situation.

Will I also get a refund on my locker, parking and/or shuttle bus ticket?

Yes, in case Loveland Festival | 25YRS gets cancelled, your locker, parking and/or shuttle bus ticket can also be refunded.

I didn't get any email from Loveland. What should I do?

If you didn’t receive an email after May 8th, you can apply for your refund here or send an email to [email protected] with all your information.