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Loveland Events is one of the original Dutch dance promoters, organizing events in the Netherlands since 1995. Our driving force is the love of music. Since the beginning, Loveland Events has stood for a high-quality production that always creates a unique and unsurpassed visitor experience. In all those years each production is given the same dedication and devotion over and over again.


Loveland strives for a sustainable organization. We all know the state of the world we live in and like you we also know that each and every one can make a difference in their own way. For some time we have been changing our tracks after every event and work consistent with the Barometer Sustainable Events (an eco label that helps events create awareness to their approach on environmental issues) to look for the best ways to increase our sustainability. The first step for us is achieving the bronze level of the Barometer Sustainable Events. For more info on this project you can click here.